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Of Institute of Institute of researches of behavior of the child February, Diagnostic leaf for the child with violations of behavior E Form To a wedding ______________________________________________ _________ Whether the child was examined earlier?

_________________________ _________ ___ If yes, that what there was a diagnosis?

_____________ _______________ ____________ By whom it is put?

________________ __________ ___________________________ When?

_______________ _________ _____________________________________ Instruction.

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If for the child

If for the child Except the first two questions relating to the child till years all others treat age till years.

If for the child years the statement truly are younger, put or if it is incorrect So, remember: quite right, is true, it is incorrect.

Till years: it was curved by an arch and threw back the head when it was taken on hands Till years: resisted when it was taken on hands Abnormal addiction to a certain food Eats very much Clamps ears, hearing many sounds Only certain sounds are painful for it Does not blink at bright light Skin is lighter or is more dark, than at other family members is lighter x; more darkly __ Prefers live lifeless inanimate Avoids people Does not leave some subjects It is constantly scared or concerned Inconsolably cries Notices changes and abnormalities in a surrounding situation and tries to correct them It is accurate the neatnik, avoids dirt and a disorder Collects certain subjects toy horses, glass slices, etc.

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Tendency Creation a life sign, destruction means death.

The child destroyer acts against life.

Tendency to destruction which is shown by difficult children, is multidimensional.

Someone envies the brother or the sister whom as he feels, its love more, than.

In other case it can be revolt against the vsezapreshchayushchy power.

Quite possibly and mere curiosity, desire to look that there inside.

The main thing that has to disturb us not destruction of a thing in itself, and the suppressed hatred which found in it a way out which under the corresponding conditions can make the child the sadist.

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Let timeservers

Let timeservers Perhaps, I simply abnormal which is obsessed with mad idea?

With the following mail I received the mothers answer: You have to be proud of that is not similar to others.

The great people who brought a lot of benefit to mankind were not such as everything, and looked for the course of life alone.

Let timeservers and social drones carefree flit on life; you, Templ, are called for the real work.

And, expensive, do not worry about the machine!

This simply convenient device.

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One mother

One mother Work only on one problem It is important that you worked only on one problem until will notice in it considerable improvements.

Do not distract on other disputed issues in behavior of your children, after all often problems are interconnected.

Thus, resolving one problem, you have beneficial influence and on others.

One mother tried to provide to the sixyearold son demanding to himself attention, the right for a choice.

Jim, I now should talk to the girlfriend, what you would like to go to the street or quietly to play houses?

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Reading words

Reading words The phonemic analysis and synthesis of words with use of color symbols has to be an integral part of each occupation as it is a basis of future successful training at school.

Reading words will promote development of automatism of pronouncing this or that sound.

Abstracts of occupations Abstract of occupation Automation of a sound with in words and phrases on the basis of the lexical subject Ware Orgmoment Relaxation exercises.


Wonderful transformations.

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  • Some scientists believe that the lack of tactile incentives causes a hyperactivity, aggression flashes, autistichesky and destructive behavior.Others consider, what even negative physical contact is better than its total absence.The researches based on the prerequisite were conducted that the aggressive behavior and tendency to violence are connected with insufficient somatosensorny stimulation of all five feelings.Izz of perception dysfunction autichny children are in great need in additional tactile stimulation.
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